Wednesday 31 October 2018

Blood Orange with Sauce Jug

Oil painting of a blood orange cut in half beside a blue porcelain sauce jug.
While I've painted this jug many times, it's the first time I've attempted a blood orange.  You might say I drew first blood.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Sunday 28 October 2018

The Briars Homestead, Mount Martha

Oil painting of a brick Victorian-era house surrounded by tress and shrubs.
I joined my fellow Victorian Artists' Society members at Mount Martha because we had a Briar engagement.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Thursday 25 October 2018

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Mandarine with Silver-Plated Goblet

Oil painting of a mandarine beside a small silver-plated goblet.
This is a late-season mandarine purchased at a special shop, the whereabouts of which is a chalice-ly guarded secret.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Monday 22 October 2018

Porcelain Jug with Turnip

Oil painting of a turnip beside a small blue and white porcelain jug.
I painted a turnip earlier this year and was reasonably pleased with the result; so, one good turnip deserves another.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Mushroom with Old Fashioned Glass

Oil painting of a brown mushroom resting against an Old Fashioned glass.
Quoth Ophelia: "The glass of fashion and the mould of form".

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Pear with Small Bottle

Oil painting of a green pear beside a small long-necked glass bottle.
At the bottom of the bottle I found dis-pear.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Sunday 7 October 2018

Gathering Storm, South Kyneton

Oil paintings of dark clouds surrounding a small patch of blue sky with trees and buildings on a low horizon.
If these are rain clouds, they cannot be cirrus.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Coliban River at Lauriston Reservoir

Oil painting of a wide river surrounded by trees and farmland.
I'm not entirely sure where the river ends and the reservoir begins -- I can only speculake.

Oil on canvas board, 16" x 12"

Thursday 4 October 2018

Wednesday 3 October 2018

Small Copper Pot with Onion

Oil painting of a small double-handled copper pot beside a brown onion.
This painting is a replacement for one that went missing in the mail.  I called the coppers and they suspect the theft of the painting is potentially the work of an onion ring.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Monday 1 October 2018

Daffodils in Pewter Jug

Oil painting of a variety of daffodils in a pewter jug.
I drew a pistil (well, technically I painted several pistils), but it wasn't a quick draw -- in fact, the picture took so long I almost ran out of stamena.

Oil on canvas board, 12" x 16"