Wednesday 30 March 2016

Lemon with Jug

Oil painting of a lemon beside a blue and white porcelain jug.
Lemons are yellow, jugs are white; though they look much the same in the shadow of night.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Monday 28 March 2016

Sheds at Viewly Farm from Pipers Creek Road

Oil painting of farm sheds and poplar trees on a low ridge.
These are not small sheds, but sheds a long way away; they are somewhat diminished.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Sunday 27 March 2016

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Milk Jug with Zucchini

Oil painting of a white porcelain milk jug beside a zucchini.
A zucchini left in the jug to vegetate.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Earthenware Jar in Tea Towel

Oil painting of an earthenware jar surrounded by a white tea towel.
Earthenware jar wearing nothing but a towel.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Monday 21 March 2016

Pear with Coffee Percolator

Oil painting of a green pear beside a stainless steel coffee percolator.
Pearcollate: a collation of a pear and a percolator.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Sunday 20 March 2016

Gate at Villa Alba Museum, Kew

Oil painting of Victorian-era gateposts and fence with gardens and part of a large Victorian-era house.
This picture was executed somewhat hurriedly, as the scene I intended to paint turned out to not be much of a scene at all (there was, in fact, very little to be seen); so with afternoon light fading rapidly, I had choose another subject and go like a bull at a gate.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Saturday 19 March 2016

Tugboat Wattle at North Wharf, Melbourne Docklands

Oil painting of a steam-powered tugboat at a wharf in front of numerous high-rise buildings.
Tugboats are tentative by definition: it's all about having a tow in the water.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Tomato with Teapot

Oil painting of a tomato beside a small white porcelain teapot.
A tomato seedling just beginning to spout.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Lemon with Glencairn Whisky Glass

Oil painting of a lemon beside a Glencairn whisky glass.
There's a proverbial phrase stating that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade; I'm hoping that life gives me whisks so that I can make whisky.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Monday 14 March 2016

Nectarine with Teacup

Oil painting of a willow pattern teacup beside a yellow nectarine.
The internet has reliably informed me that Nectar Tea is a Canadian brand of loose leaf tea; my often unreliable intellect informs me that the tea is unlikely to be flavoured with nectarines.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Sunday 13 March 2016

House at Rosebery Hill, Pipers Creek

Oil painting of a house with a red roof surrounded by trees and shrubs.
Having painted this house on numerous occasions one would hope it has become somewhat of a house speciality.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Saturday 12 March 2016

The Treachery of Pictures III

Oil painting of a while enamel jug with a blue handle, with an inscription below reading "This is not a pitcher".
This is yet another picture of a pitcher that isn't.  I was unhappy with the shape of last week's pitcher, so I tracked down a more pitcheresque pitcher.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 12"

Friday 11 March 2016

Copper Pot with Carrot

Oil painting of a carrot beside a small copper pot.
Wikipedia describes copper nitrate as "an inorganic compound that forms a blue crystalline solid"; however, as a child I was led to believe it was a term for police officers' overtime.  Equally, I was incorrectly led to believe that carrots might aid police officers' night vision.

Oil on canvas board, 7" x 5"

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Copper-Plated Mug with Onion

Oil painting of a brown onion beside a shiny copper-plated mug.
The recent muggy weather has meant peeling off a few layers.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Red Pepper with Silver-Plated Jug

Oil painting of a large red pepper beside a small sliver-plated milk jug.
Dyspepsia of a jugular (otherwise known as throat-burn).

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Sunday 6 March 2016

Saturday 5 March 2016

Princes Bridge with Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Oil painting of a stone bridge and a Victorian-era copper-domed train station.
Initially I planned to include the full copper dome of the Flinders Street building, but the constraints of a small canvas caused me to settle for a more modest scene.  You might say I had ideas above my station but was somewhat brought back to earth.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Tuesday 1 March 2016