Tuesday 30 June 2015

Monday 29 June 2015

Sunday 28 June 2015

Pier at the Mouth of Mordialloc Creek, Port Phillip Bay

Oil painting of a utility post at the end of a pier with distant hills beyond a wide bay.
A pier--or at least what appears to be a pier--for you to peer at.  Had I chosen not to paint the pier, it would have been a painting without pier.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Boats at Mordialloc Creek

Oil painting of several small boats moored in calm water.
It was somewhat difficult to choose a subject, but after some reflection I took to the water.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Saturday 27 June 2015

Lemon with Green Background

Oil painting of a lemon casting a shadow on a green background.
Subscribers to my blog (both you and me, dear reader) will be familiar with my tendency to paint at least two objects in every still life.  In the present case of a solo lemon, the number of objects has been re-juiced.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Friday 26 June 2015

Pear with Antique Poison Bottle

Oil painting of a green pear in front of an antique green glass poison bottle.
When handling poison, parental supervision is advised (one wants a safe pair of hands).

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Blue Jug with Plastic Flowers

Oil painting of a large blue jug beside red plastic roses and white plastic lillies.
This jug painting is somewhat pitcheresque.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 12"

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Pink Rose in Bottle

Oil painting of a pink rose with leaves in the neck of a brown glass bottle.
Daily painting results in rows and rows of paintings, and occasionally paintings of roses.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Saturday 20 June 2015

Oil Storage Tank and Ship at Gellibrand and Breakwater Piers, Williamstown

Oil painting of a red-hulled ship beside a pale blue oil storage tank.
The ship and the oil storage tank each sit beside a pier, but neither pier is visible.  You might say they've disappiered from view.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Friday 19 June 2015

Onion with Mustard Jar

Oil painting of a brown onion beside a jar of Maille mustard.
Gravy training: Onion and mustard (the combination of which make and excellent gravy) combined with the discipline of sharpening one's painting skills.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Still Life with Pink Cloth

Oil painting of a large white vase with flowers, a small blue vase, and a pink piece of material.
I arrived at class to find that we were still doing still life.  Unlike this piece of cloth, I was hardly tickled pink (though somehow I suspect the colour of the cloth owes more to dye than tickling).

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 14"

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Electricity Pole, Rosebery Hill, Pipers Creek

Oil painting of an electricity pole on a hillside with trees and rolling hills in the distance.
This image a substandard reproduction of the original painting; in fact, I'd go so far as to say that the two are poles apart.

Oil on canvas board, 8" x 10"

Monday 15 June 2015

Emergency Ward at Old Kyneton Hospital

Oil painting of a red brick Victorian style building beside a leafless tree with a telephone pole in the background.
Emergency ward: not to be confused with an emergency award, often bestowed on firefighters and paramedics for bravery.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Sunday 14 June 2015

Mount Macedon from Rosebery Hill, Pipers Creek

Oil painting of eucalypts and rolling hills with a distant mountain range.
Some friends joined me for an afternoon of painting and we were roused into action by the view of this distant mountain; so much so that I have declared the occasion the fillip of Macedon.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Saturday 13 June 2015

Pastoria Homestead

Oil painting of an Arts and Crafts style house next to a poplar tree and viewed from an elevated position.
I stood on a hill above this homestead, and the scene and sunshine stood my sketch in good stead.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Friday 12 June 2015

House at Pipers Creek

Oil painting of a white house with a green roof with four poplars beside.
As I painted this picture by the side of the road, I was unsettled by a recurrent movement in the long grass nearby.  The origin of this disturbance remained an enigma, even if I was able to discern its name: Russell.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Vases with Plastic Flowers and Red Cloth

Oil painting of white and yellow plastic flowers in a vase, with a piece of red cloth and a smaller green vase in front.
I made an early mistake when painting these plastic roses and spent the rest of the class back-petaling.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 12"

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Plastic Dinosaur

Very small oil painting of a green plastic dinosaur.
Plasticine-era dinosaur, obviously.

Then of course, there's the debate as to whether plastic dinosaurs are made from real dinosaurs: https://what-if.xkcd.com/101/.

Oil on canvas board, 2" x 2"

Monday 8 June 2015

Albert Park Lake

I had a hull of a time painting the boat--it moved considerably faster than my paintbrush.

Oil on canvas board, 10" x 8"

Sunday 7 June 2015

Glass Vase with Plastic Flowers

Oil painting of a tulip-shaped glass vase amongst a bunch of pink plastic miniature roses.
The afternoon winter sun took me by surprise when it faded rapidly, leaving me to finish my painting in the gloom.  I tried to make light of the unfortunate situation, but it failed to deliver the required illumination.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 8"

Saturday 6 June 2015

Accidental Cubism: Teapot from Multiple Viewpoints

Oil painting of a white porcelain teapot sitting on a dark reflective surface.
After more than two years of daily painting, one would think that one (i.e. me, just one of me) would be able to render objects to a T, and yet this painting proves that things can still go to pot.

Oil on canvas board, 7" x 5"

Friday 5 June 2015

Mandarine with Silver-Plated Jug

Oil painting of a mandarine beside a silver-plated milk jug.
A jug and a mandarine make a pour man's orange.

Oil on canvas board, 6" x 4"

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Red Vase with Plastic Lilies

Oil painting of a bunch of plastic white lilies in front brown-red vase, with a green drapery as background.
According to one Bill Shakespeare, the epitome of superfluity is to paint the lily ("To gild refined gold, to paint the lily"); however, I'm sure he'd have condoned attempts to improve the lily's plastic counterparts.

Oil on canvas board, 12" x 10"

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Red Pepper with Jar of Chillies

Oil painting of a red pepper in front of a tall slender glass jar of crushed chillies.
Red, chillies, pepper--if only there was a popular culture reference that combined these terms.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"

Monday 1 June 2015

Antique Whisky Bottle in Tea Towel

Oil painting of an antique black-glass whisky bottle partially wrapped in a tea towel.
The creation of great whisky is often shrouded in secrecy, whilst whiskies shrouded in a tea towels are generally less alluring.

Oil on canvas board, 4" x 6"