Sunday 10 September 2017

Exhibition: Shedding Light on Small Things

Exhibition flyer

Each year my parents open their garden as part of Kyneton's Daffodil and Arts Festival, and it has become an almost dyed-in-the-wool tradition for them to arrange a small exhibition of my paintings, as an accompaniment, in their shearing shed.  This year I've decided to take the ram by the horns and apply a more selective curatorial eye--as such, I'll be showing more than sixty of my favourite pieces from the last twelve months (in the conveniently-located megapopolis of Pipers Creek).

My parents have aptly described their garden as a place where nature has triumphed over human endeavour, and whilst their varied collection of trees are best viewed during autumn months, there's more than enough to keep the most apathetic botanist entertained, not to mention crowds upon hosts of daffodils (golden and otherwise).

Where can I view this prosperous partnership of paintings and perennials? I hear you think.  Well, I'm glad you thought:

Saturday 2nd September - Sunday 10th September 2017
10am - 4pm daily

The Shearing Shed
Rosebery Hill
156 Pipers Creek-Pastoria Road
Pipers Creek 3444 (See Google Maps)

Web: (the good, the bad and the particularly ugly)

I'll be in attendance during weekends, so please let me know if you're planning to visit and I'll be sure to be on hand to pontificate about the artwork.

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